Brunch at Evelyns Cafe Bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter | Lifestyle

The Northern Quarter is a part of Manchester that I hardly ever visit, not because I don’t like the area, but because I have always been more interested in visiting the areas that I already knew, such as the Arndale, Spinningfields and Picadilly.

So for a spontaneous outing, me and my close friend Tabie decided to visit the NQ and have brunch in a local cafe – Evelyns Cafe Bar, allowing us to experience more of what our city had to offer.

From health bowls to poached eggs, avocado and toast, Evelyn’s had a great variety of food to choose from and just the right portion sizes too, helping ease into your day. The rustic vibe of the store alongside the awful British weather made the shop that much more cosy and unique, and we could have happily stayed in there for hours on end!

Now, from previously working as a Barista at Starbucks, I know how hard it can be to achieve the best latte-art on the consumers’ coffee, but for those at Evelyn’s it seemed to be no challenge. The stores staff created amazing latte-art on all types of coffee, and this greatly added to the experience (and our Instagram feeds!).

Since being at university in Leeds, it is nice to get back home and carry on exploring places close to where I live, and I will definitely continue searching for quirky places that suit both a chilled brunch and casual drinks on the weekend.

If you are struggling for things to do in Manchester, even if you are a local, I would highly recommend delving into the Northern Quarter and visiting places like Evelyn’s in your spare time. Especially whilst the Easter holidays are ongoing and with the summer approaching, because there is so much more to the area than what first meets the eye!

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