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Hey Guys! Here again to share some clothing items that I have been loving recently and that I believe will look great for the summer months! So if you’re interested, I hope you enjoy the items I have picked out, and make sure to leave any items you’re loving at the minute down below!

So, one trend that I have been noticing more and more through 2018 is checkered clothing! Yeah, for sure it has always been known about, but more recently I have seen retailers stocking up with checkered items, and I have been loving it!

I picked up this Levi’s T-Shirt from Topman for £25 (£22.50 for us students out there!), and I think it shows the checkered pattern quite nicely, partly due to it being a bit more discreet and stylish, due to the way it is placed within the logo rather than all over the tee itself.

As I continued going round Topman, I found some jeans that would create a great outfit with the Levi’s tee, and even better.. they were in the SALE – reduced from £45 to £30 (so, £27 with student discount). For jeans, I thought this price was really good! Especially considering Topman jeans are usually in excess of £40 (for me anyways), and with it complimenting the t-shirt, I thought it was best that I bought them!

The jeans are in black denim, and with no rips or distress, the strip of the checkered pattern which carries on to the bottom of the leg becomes the focal point, and they fit really well. Due to it being a sale item, I was worried that there wouldn’t be many sizes, but there’s still quite a variety on show, and for those that are interested, the jeans are definitely for you guys who want a skinny fit.

To put with this t-shirt and pair of jeans, I would suggest trying some Vans Old Skool in black and white, as it keeps the black and white theme, and would blend the outfit together nicely. Using Vans with a checkered pattern might be an overkill, but obviously you choose what you think looks best!

If these jeans get a bit heavy when the heat of summer starts to kick in, then the Levi’s tee can be put with some black linen shorts for a more lightweight feel, or some black ripped or distressed shorts as well!

Moving onto the subject of shoes, I have bought some new boots from Next that I think would look great for a night out in the summer months, where you still want to look dressed up yet be casual and comfortable at the same time. These boots were £60 (no student discount this time I’m afraid), but the quality is great and the padding inside makes the shoe really easy to wear! – Perfect for the summer!

As said previously, these boots are likely to be worn with jeans during a night out or for an occasion in the summer, but Next also offer a variety of loafers that would be better suited with items like shorts if you’re after a more holiday appropriate look. These loafers I have from Next were £50 and are great paired with sand-coloured linen shorts for a more casual daytime outfit on holiday, as oppose to a more dressed up outfit with the boots.

So, these were the items I have bought recently ready for my summer hols, and they can be worn with variety of different styles! Let me know where you guys are off on your holidays and what styles you have been loving recently!

Hope you all have a great day!

James x

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