Bold, Artistic & Ethical | Working with Blake Mill Fashion

Hi everyone, for this weeks post I will be delving back into men’s fashion and sharing my thoughts on the men’s shirts over at Blake Mill, and I am beyond thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with them on this blog post for you guys!

As the title of this post suggests, Blake Mill have made an impact in the fashion world by incorporating creativity within their clothing range, with over 25 different unique styles of subtle and bold shirts to please each type of customer. It is undeniable that these shirts won’t be for everybody due to these eccentric styles, but there are hidden messages within each shirt that makes each piece individual and a must-have for your summer wardrobe!

Here are some of my favourite pieces from this year’s spring/summer collection, and I would highly encourage you to browse the different styles, and also Blake Mill’s reasoning behind the designs of each shirt:

Cracked Paisley Shirt in Dark - © Blake Mill 2018
Cracked Paisley Shirt in Dark – © Blake Mill 2018
Streamers Shirt in Light - © Blake Mill 2018
Streamers Shirt in Light – © Blake Mill 2018
Anarchist Polka Shirt in Light - © Blake Mill 2018
Anarchist Polka Shirt in Light – © Blake Mill 2018

As you can see, each of these shirts are a statement in their own way, and once again, the messages behind the design of each product really emphasises the creativity of this brand! I am not normally swayed towards shirts like this, but after wearing it in the way that suits my style, I am super happy with the way it looks! The brand is all about pushing individuality, and with that comes the idea of wearing these shirts in the way that most suits you and your own style.

Here I am wearing the Cracked Paisley Shirt in Dark, and I have chosen to put a smart-casual spin on the way that I have styled it, just like I would do with any of my other shirts to suit my own personal preference! – To achieve this, I have worn a plain white tee underneath the shirt to make the outfit look layered and more informal. Any white tee will do as it is hardly noticeable, so don’t waste unneeded time or money to find a certain kind! To keep the look smart but with that casual edge, I have tucked the shirt into these distressed jeans from Topman (they look even more distressed since I have had them a while and can’t be bothered to buy a new pair yet!), and fixed the two pieces together using this brown weave belt from NEXT. Finally, I have chosen these brown buckle boots from NEXT as the shoes to finish off the outfit, but black or brown Chelsea boots would look great aswell!

Remember, you can always make this look more or less formal by switching out some of the items accordingly! Keep the shirt fully buttoned up and tuck into some black jeans or trousers, and maybe consider opting for some brogues to dress-up the look instead! – Make sure to cast your vote over at Blake Mill’s Twitter page on whether you are #TeamTucked or #TeamUntucked in regards to how you choose to wear your shirts!

Me Wearing the Cracked Paisley Shirt in Dark

Me Wearing the Cracked Paisley Shirt in Dark

Me Wearing the Cracked Paisley Shirt in Dark

Just like I mentioned previously, Blake Mill encourage individuality and therefore, you may choose to wear these shirts in a completely different way and that is the best thing with these pieces! Let me know how you guys choose to wear your shirts, do you like to make your outfit formal? Or do you like to keep the look smart-casual? – I guess it all comes down to the occasion!

Now, if you have already had a look at the shirts that Blake Mill have got to offer, you may be questioning the high price points on each of their items, and understandably, you may choose to turn your nose up at the thought of buying one of their shirts! However, the company’s focus on quality, product longevity and ethics helps to justify the price of what they describe as ‘The Perfect Shirt‘ – This link highlights the 9 steps that they believe separate their shirts from cheaper ones, which includes their customer-first approach and strong ethical stance that I greatly admire, and is one of main reasons why I chose to work with this brand!

In short, the premium price of these shirts comes alongside better quality collars, fabrics, buttons and stitching; well thought out designs; and safe, ethical environments for employees – In Benin, Blake Mill work alongside Ethical Africa Apparel to ensure workers are treated with respect, and are all enrolled on worker empowerment programmes!

Designing the Perfect Shirt - © Blake Mill 2018
Designing the Perfect Shirt – © Blake Mill 2018
A Unique Style - © Blake Mill 2018
A Unique Style – © Blake Mill 2018

The shirts over at Blake Mill have also been worn by many well-known faces, such as Rob Jones who is member of the British band Missing Andy – a group that has had four albums and two Top 40 Hits in the UK charts! You can see his article and the way that he chooses to style the shirts here, alongside some other individuals who have chosen to wear Blake Mill!

Rob Jones performing with Missing Andy - © Blake Mill 2018
Rob Jones performing with Missing Andy – © Blake Mill 2018

Now, if you or someone you know would like one of these shirts, Blake Mill are giving away £700 worth to one lucky winner! To enter, simply like their Facebook page and giveaway post, and comment what style of shirt you would love to have! Or alternatively, you can follow them on Twitter and retweet the giveaway post over there! – The giveaway ends on the 25th June 2018 with a winner is to be announced on the 26th June 2018. Entrants must be aged 18 or over, and international entrants are also welcome to participate! Good Luck!

To find out more about Blake Mill, here are the links to their website and social sites where you can be updated on future products, and if you are an international customer, Blake Mill even offer free worldwide shipping! So, the shirts are definitely worth a look at:






Once again, thank you all for your support on these posts, and thank you to Blake Mill for giving me the opportunity to work alongside you! I hope you all have a great day and I will catch up with you all again next week!

James x

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