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Hi everyone!! I hope you are all having a great start to your weekend! If you haven’t checked out my last post yet, make sure to click here if you are interested in checking that out – I go more in-depth on the outfits I wore on my Tenerife trip and give the run-down on prices and places that stock the items :)!

For today’s post, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Squid App with you all, and honestly.. I think you are all going to love it! The app lets you select the topics that interest you, ranging from fashion right through to travel, and with 100 different categories to choose from, I guarantee there will be a topic that you will enjoy.

Squid App
Squid App

After selecting the topics that interest you, the app then creates a news feed that only includes these categories and makes it personal to you! If there is a source of information that you aren’t interested in, there is also the option to block theses news articles so that you are only receiving the information that you want to see!

Why get tonnes of different news apps, when you can get all of the sources in one place with Squid!

Because of these various features, I think this app would be great for anyone in college or university, where you can get a quick check up of stories that may be related to your subjects, and you can see the varying opinions from the different sources that are displayed to you!

As well as this, you can also get creative with the articles, with the ability to underline, highlight or even add a Squid sticker! This allows you to get much more involved with the app and helps you get more interested in the topics you love! Also, feel free to share the articles with your friends who may be in the same subject as you, or even the same project group, where this will become really handy!

Choose the Topics that you want!
Choose the Topics that you want!
Get your News from a Range of Different Articles!
Get your News from a Range of Different Sources!

I will leave the link to the app here, so feel free to check it out, and let me know what categories you think you’ll be checking out – As you probably guessed, I follow articles from Lifestyle, Fashion, Music and Travel sections!

If you have any more questions about the app, leave them down below or you can message them directly on Instagram at @squidapp!

I hope you enjoy using the app as much as I have, and with how simple it is to use, I am sure you will! Let me know your thoughts!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday everyone, have a gooden’!

James x

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