This Summer’s Powerful Prints

Prints on clothing can often only go one of two ways – it will either add elegance and style to your outfit, or can completely bring down your look. The right colours, sizes of the print and other pieces to your outfit can make or break the way that the print looks on yourself. So, whether you want to rock a bold cheetah print or you are not sure on how to rightly incorporate leopard print into your look, just keep on reading and hopefully these amazing styles will inspire you, and allow you to get your sass on.

Sophia and Cinzia are two best friends who are having great success on YouTube and Instagram, and their amazing sense of style have definitely contributed to this. Over the summer, the duo went to the tropical location of Bali and we could not get enough of their looks – some of which featured amazing prints.

Here, Sophia is wearing a loose leopard print blouse which she has tied at the waist to give a more stylish take on her look. It is important to note that she has not paired other patterns with the shirt, but has instead chosen neutral pieces in order to make the printed shirt the statement. Doesn’t she look amazing?! This printed shirt in particular is from Motel Rocks and their website have so many stylish items that really cater to those who love involving some kind of print into their look.

Instagram – @sophiatuxford

Similarly, Cinzia has made this leopard printed dress the main focus of her outfit, and chose to opt for some simple red-visor sunglasses and a basket bag as her accessories, which matches the tones on her dress. It could be suggested that the red sunglasses are another statement, and that the dress and the glasses would clash. However, because of the black spots on the dress, a perfect contrast is made between the black and the red, making the outfit work really well.

Just like Sophia, Cinzia is wearing Motel Rocks, and if you are looking for printed items that are in the mid-market price range, I would highly recommend looking on their website.

Instagram – @cinziabayliszullo

Emily, who runs a fashion and beauty blog and an amazing Instagram page is another member of the perfect-print squad, as she really knows how to get this bold moment looking extremely trendy and fashionable.

Here she has paired these leopard print trousers with a black bandeau and just like Sophia and Cinzia, it has allowed the print to shine and be the main focus of her outfit. Notice how the trousers are flared at the bottom – this helps to make the print flow more seamlessly over her body and gives more space for this larger print on her trousers, transforming what could have been an unaesthetic piece into a really modern and elegant item!

The trousers that Emily is wearing are from Femme Luxe, which have a large array of co-ord items on their website – many of which include print, so definitely check them out if this may be something of interest to you.

Instagram – @emilyclarebeauty

Next, we have Laura, who runs @lauralovesclothes on Instagram. She has managed to make wearing print look so easy, combining this dress with neutral accessories to create an everyday summer look. The simplistic necklace, bag and watch all adds something extra to this outfit, but keeps the dress as the focal point. It cinches Laura in at the waist, giving her an amazing hourglass figure, and changes a simple outfit into a brilliant one.

The frill down the middle of the dress also adds some texture to the print, and splits it up in order to make a more flattering piece of clothing.

Leopard Print
Instagram – @lauralovesclothes

Finally, we have Yasmin, who runs @voguemodeblog on Instagram. She has also been able to successfully pull off a larger print on this lovely co-ord which, like Emily’s is from Femme Luxury! The wide straps on the top and the loose fitting trousers makes the larger print fit into the outfit really easily, unlike if the straps were really thin and the trousers had a skinny fit. Therefore, this outfit is every girls dream in the summer due to how appealing the neutral tones are, and how the print makes the style look more chic on the individual.

Just like the other influencers, Yasmin has kept her accessories minimal, using just a watch and earrings to add some dimension to her look – Notice how she has kept the accessories the same tones as her co-ord to give a more fashionable look.

Leopard Co-Ord
Instagram – @voguemodeblog

As you can see, all of these girls have managed to incorporate print into their outfits really well, with simple accessories, neutral items and the right fit, prints can work on anyone. Make sure to comment down below on what piece of clothing you prefer out of this article and how you incorporate print into your outfits.

I hope you all have a great day!

James x

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