Autumn Looks for Men

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of autumn? For me, a new wave of fashion is the first thing that captures my attention – with warmer tones on clothing, as well as new textures being seen throughout the season.

These following influencers have managed to showcase what autumn fashion is all about, and are likely to set trends for those that follow them. Arthur is the first person that we believe portrayed amazing autumn style, and not in the way that most people would think… Instead of jumping straight into pulling out clothes that have warmer colours such as burgundy or rust, that match the vibe of autumn, he has opted for a dark denim shirt that he has tucked into these slim fitted stone trousers. This allows Arthur to keep a hint of summer within his outfit by using the lighter colour on his trousers, but by bringing in the dark-washed denim, he has been able to style his outfit perfect for the season. It is also important to use items that will keep you warm as temperatures start to drop, and these trousers and double layered top pieces will definitely do that!

Arthur's Autumn Look
Instagram – @dedidets

Josef is another individual that really knows what pieces work well with dropping temperatures from the transition from summer into autumn. Although he can be seen wearing shorts, the material on the shorts, as well as the hoodie seems to be a fleece like material which will definitely help keep him looking fresh from summer, as well as warm ready for autumn. The white tones are also contrasted really well with the black cross-body bag which is a perfect accessory this season, and will keep Josef looking stylish and trendy as we head into the winter months.

Josef's Autumn Look
Instagram – @joannahstyle

Here, Bradley has chosen pieces that give him a very smart-casual look, as well as highlight the best items to wear in autumn. There is an amazing contrast between the tan and navy from the jacket and trousers, and because of the warm tones on the jacket, it makes the outfit perfect to wear for autumn! The suede material on the jacket will also help keep Bradley comfortable and cosy as the miserable weather approaches. The bright t-shirt and shoes still make the look suitable for summer, and shows the versatility within Bradley’s outfit.

Bradley's Autumn Look
Instagram – @bradders_21

Finally, we have Massimo who has chosen to wear a checkered shirt in his outfit, which has hints of rust colouring throughout the design. This, combined with the white tee and light-wash denim ripped jeans helps keep his outfit trendy as well as perfect for late summer and early autumn!

Massimo's Autumn Look
Instagram – @massiii_22

Let us know what your favourite outfit is out of the four by commenting down below, and make sure to subscribe to the mailing list!

Hope you all have a great day!

James x

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